A guide to mattress aftercare

Getting the ultimate dream sleep is more than just finding the perfect bed and mattress. Taking care of your mattress and doing some easy regular maintenance to your mattress and bed frame will not only extend the lifespan of your dream sleeper however, it will continuously offer you a good night’s sleep. 

Maximise your bed’s life and unleash the full potential of your mattress and keep your bed in tip top shape by following the Bed Arena mattress aftercare guide. 

1. Use a mattress topper

Mattress protectors are special sheets that go under your bed sheets and are often padded and fitted. They are  the ultimate companion that every mattress needs.They provide protection to the mattress from spills, stains, smells and damage and often provide extra comfort and support. Using a mattress protector is extremely important in increasing the longevity of your mattress and your mattress, your health and your bank account will be extremely thankful if you invested in one. 

2. Rotate your mattress regularly

Rotating your mattress is a widely recommended tip for maintaining your mattress and you’ve probably wondered how often should I rotate my mattress ? 

Before rotating your mattress it’s important that you read the care label of your mattress to find out it’s properties to understand  how often you should rotate your mattress. 

  • For mattresses that can be turned like the Natural 2000 mattress it’s important to turn it from front to back and rotate it from head to toe once a month to reduce any settlement caused by sleeping in the same position. 
  • For memory foam mattresses, like the Reeves 2000 these mattresses have special properties which means that you don’t have to turn these. However, we do recommend that you rotate the mattresses from head to toe once a month. 
  • For mattresses known as no turn mattresses the properties of these mattresses means it does not need to be turned over although we recommend using a mattress topper and turning this over regularly on these types of mattresses.  

We’d like to stress that when you turn over your mattress you do this carefully with another person so that the filling inside doesn't get damaged. Rotating your mattress will prevent moisture from building up and as a result mould from forming.

3. Clean any accidents immediately

 If you accidentally spill anything on your mattress it’s incredibly important to clean it up as soon as you can and avoid any delay. You can do this with warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Once you have cleaned it, it’s important to ensure you let your mattress completely airdry before putting your bed sheets back on. 

4. Let your mattress breathe

Your mattress will be really grateful if you let it breathe daily, yes breathe ! After you get up, pull your bedding back for a while and allow any odours to dissipate and any moisture to release itself. This will revive your mattress every day and keep it fresh and clean.  

5. Refrain from using it as a playground

Whilst it’s extremely tempting to use the bed as a trampoline or an obstacle course, it’s not the kindest action for your mattress and will cause alot of damage to not only your mattress but also your beautiful bed frame. Of course, we agree it’s lots of fun but be kind to your mattress like it is to you every night and head over to your local park for a jump. 

6. Give your bed and mattress a weekly refresh

Your mattress and bedframe deserves to be cared for just like it cares for you. Giving your bedframe and mattress a dust and removing any particles with a soft brush will not only keep your bed and mattress sparkling but is incredibly beneficial for your health too. For bed frames with soft finishing like the Balemo, taking a soft brush over it will keep it looking pristine for a long time. 

Maintaining your bedframe and mattress only requires a little bit of time every now and again. Following these tips will mean that your mattress will stay happy and health and you can enjoy many years of dreamy and comfortable nights.