Bed Arena's Guide to buying a bed

At Bed Arena, we are committed to making the bed buying experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible. So, whether you wish to transform your bedroom with a touch of luxury or declutter your sleeping environment, look no further than our bed buying guide.

Do your homework

mattress firmness

Firstly, sleep experts always recommend that, when it comes to choosing a bed, the bigger the better, especially if you sleep with a partner. So, first of all, you should size up the available space.

Next, work out what you can afford. Don’t worry, a small budget does not automatically mean a poor-quality bed, far from it; especially given the advances in mattress technology, the utmost in comfort is increasingly become affordable to everyone.

Last but not least, take some time to consider what you both like and dislike about your current bed, in terms of style as well as what kind of support you are looking for.

Choose the right bed

Three Step Bed Buying Guide

Step One

Choose your style of bed frame. This is not just about what kind of personal design statement you want to make, but also about the functionality of the frame. Metal bed frames are strong while offering plenty of room underneath for large storage boxes. Traditional divan frames are usually constructed from wood, then upholstered in a range of fabrics and textures including cotton, leather and velvet. Many divan models offer much-needed storage solutions with two or four drawers, while ottoman beds offer ample space to store both small and large items underneath the mattress frame.

Step Two

You need to work what mattress firmness suits your comfort and support needs. For people with a slight build, soft firmness should be ideal. As it is suitable for most body types, medium firmness is the most popular choice, whereas sleepers wanting a more supportive surface or with back problems should consider the firmest options. The materials used to manufacture your mattress also need to be taken into account. Orthopaedic varieties are created to maximise support and comfort for sleepers with back and joint pain, whereas options comprise thousands of tiny springs placed in their own fabric pocket, making them the perfect choice for sleeping partners who have different weights or firmness needs. Meanwhile, memory foam responds to body heat and hugs every curve and contour, in turn providing a highly personalised sleeping experience.

Step Three

Decide whether you want a headboard, while this is often an add-on, an upholstered bed headboard can allow you to make a highly personalised style statement in your bedroom. As well as providing you with that sumptuous luxury you crave while bingeing on the latest bestseller or box set in bed.

Tips for buying your bed online.

While buying online is more convenient – and often much cheaper than shopping on the high street, make sure your purchase is from a safe & trustworthy retailer.

Most of all, choose a reputable shopping site, such as Bed Arena, which has an online presence, which offers secure credit and debit card transactions, upfront shipping costs, as well as a guarantee and returns policy.

If you are not sure, please contact us, our details re at the bottom of the page.