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Bed Arena's Guide to buying an Ottoman Storage Bed

The increasing popularity of ottoman beds is easily explained. Combining great support and comfort with generous storage options, they are the ideal solution to any bedroom. This Bed Arena guide to Ottomans, explains what they are and how they differ from traditional divan bases.

Centuries-old solution to modern storage problems

These beds are based on an approach to furniture design, which developed in the Ottoman Empire (now Turkey) in the 1300s.

What makes an Ottoman bed frame different to a traditional divan is that it includes an empty space, which is located directly beneath the sprung slats or boarded mattress base. This space can be accessed by lifting up a hinged frame (which is designed to keep the mattress in place), with the aid of a built-in hydraulic or gas lift system, from either the foot end or the side.

However, there is no compromise on quality, as Ottomans are designed to guarantee maximum comfort and support, as well as durability for your mattress.

What to consider when buying an Ottoman

Choosing the right opening should be the first decision you make. Side opening frames can be fitted to open on either the left or the right side of the bed, while foot end openings mean that the storage space can be accessed from three sides of the bed.

Whatever opening you decide on, you need to ensure you have unobstructed access to the storage space.

Pay attention to the strength of the built-in hydraulic lift system, which you should consider, depending on your personal mobility needs and the weight of the mattress.

For example, cheaper frames may not be suitable for heavier mattresses. Make sure you have the available floor space for your choice of bed, while checking whether you will be able to easily access the storage area. Meanwhile, if the route from your front door to your bedroom is an issue, consider buying a flat-pack ottoman.

Ottoman Beds Guide

Divan vs. bedstead Ottomans

  • Divans open like a box and come with a boarded floor, helping to keep your stored items free of dust. They are typically easier to lift while having the strength to support heavier mattresses.
  • Bedstead ottomans are available with either basic sprung slats, reinforced sprung slats or a boarded mattress base. They also come with a range of flooring options, from no floor to boarded bases that sit on or float above the ground.

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