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Bed Arena's Guide to UK Bed Sizes

Sleep experts agree: the bigger, the better. In other words, for the best sleeping experience, always choose the biggest bed possible to fit the available space in your bedroom. This guide discusses UK bed sizes and explains what you need to do think about when sizing up for your next purchase.

UK Bed Sizes

Before buying a new bed, you need to make sure your preferred size will fit into the available space. The following UK bed sizes chart presents both imperial and metric dimensions. Please note that metric dimensions are not precise equivalents.

Although European sizes often have the same names, the dimensions are different. This should especially be taken into account when purchasing a mattress or bed linen.

Sizing up in the bedroom

There are essentially two main factors to consider when deciding on what size to go for: what space you have available and who, if anyone, will be sleeping with you.

Below are our suggestions for choosing the right size for you and, if appropriate, your sleeping partner.If you are a lone sleeper with limited space, a single bed is the ideal option.

Couples with a pokey bedroom, who are happy to sleep close together, might want to consider a small double.

This size is also suitable for lone sleepers who want more space to spread out or children who have outgrown their first bed.

If the available space allows, full-size double beds should be the smallest option that sleeping couples consider if they want to avoid being disturbed by their partner’s movements.

If you have the space and the budget, then you should definitely invest in a king size bed. Not only are king size models a popular choice with sleeping partners wanting more space to stretch out, they are the ideal option for people who are taller or with a bigger build.

For the ultimate in luxury, space and comfort, treat yourself to a super king size.

What to consider

If you are a lone sleeper, definitely choose the largest size that the available space can accommodate.

Meanwhile, couples should ensure they can lie next to each other with their arms behind their head and their elbows sticking out, without touching. The bed should also be at least 4” (10 cm) longer than the tallest partner.

Furthermore, during the lifetime of a bed or mattress, many of us might put on a few pounds, which can strain both what we are sleeping on and our relationship.

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